The Buck Affect mission is to provide small to medium size businesses with a source of state of the art web development and to create advanced technical and creative content necessary for any businesses success while in its infancy and beyond.

The Buck Affect focuses on the end user of my website which would be a combination of small business owners or other web developers despite whether or not they title themselves as such. I want my content geared to providing real solutions to generating sales, increasing viewers, and subscribers. I want to leave all characteristics of fluff out the window and show my clients how to expand their presence in their local and world communities.

My services will provide a complete website and have no up-front cost, but for my time and expertise I will be providing my clients with a profit-sharing contract that allows my clients to become more than a dollar amount to me, but in essence my partner. As a partner, my clients and I have a shared interest and that’s becoming constantly more profitable, which rewards me on a scalable salary as our partnership grows. All of my partners will have the top social media web outlets linked and within unison of one another as part of their companies branding. The Buck Affect will be providing a summary of links and tutorials for my partners to learn as we grow. I prefer to teach a man how to fish, so when my partners want to update their client base on new fundamentals that will affect them in a positive way they don’t have to wait or rely on me to do so. Time is money and the faster we can reach our customers the better.