Buck’s Blog

I created Buck’s Blog after just staring my web developing course at Winter Park Tech and I want to give my raw experiences to share conveniently on this platform to give my readers whether self employed, a marketing tech at the job, or a novice self taught web designer I will provide the up to date solutions to current issues within the web developing space we live. I know some of your will give me crap about taking a course that costs almost 4k but I feel its worth the reward for my career and if not I can share my experiences with the public on here. I know while working on our projects problems can and will arise all the time, and we need a safe refuge to gather our minds and come up with realistic solutions to such problems. So come and join along and send me your comments or issues your having and together will save the world of it’s coding and or marketing problems. I will also be linking my new Youtube channel her soon so you can have other ways of communication with me through my vlogs.


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