#COLOR When creating a layout on a page choosing the right color scheme is a must. So knowing what html codes that are correlated with your favorite colors is really important. While taking my course my professor suggested for me to look at a website dedicated to making this task much easier than ever before. … More HTML COLOR CODES

Site Mapping

Gliffy Site Mapping When it comes to the developmental stages of your website or app it’s very detrimental to first create a site map to organize how you want your site to navigate between pages. First you need to imagine yourself as your average customer and then ask yourself what do they want to … More Site Mapping


Netiquette This 10 letter word resonates with top level professionals who constantly communicate in a world of other career driven peers. Simply put, there are just some things you do and don’t say in certain circles or digital communities. We have to be mindful that every piece of digital content that we place online is … More Netiquette


Logo Creation On Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 This is a few example of what is possible to create on Ai with a little imagination. My journey as a web developer has been very interesting due to learning how many steps comes into making a page on the internet. When it comes to creating a logo … More Ai

What’s Gimp?

Cartoons Sometimes in a crunch you might have to use other editing softwares to get the job done if you are working remote where maybe adobe’s creative cloud isn’t available. Here is an example of a cartoon sketch made with a free open source software called GIMP.